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Palworld is cracking down on cheaters in new update

The Palworld team has announced their plans to tackle cheating

Palworld’s official servers have mostly been a great place to play and discover the game with others, but that hasn’t stopped the usual crowd from coming along to ruin the fun for everyone by cheating. As well as standard hacks like infinite health, flying, or guaranteed Pal captures, cheaters have gotten access to items not officially released yet, like a Pal Sphere that lets you steal players’ Pals.

It’s been a huge complaint since the game launched a month ago, so it’s a relief to see today that the Palworld team has announced their plans to introduce anti-cheat measures.

As the tweet states, the first anti-cheat update will be coming at the end of this month which will help the team at Pocketpair identify cheaters and take appropriate action. On top of that, another update soon after will implement further anti-cheat software that will monitor game activity.

The details of these systems are yet to be revealed, but hopefully, we’ll learn a bit more about how they work nearer the time. One thing that has been confirmed is that single-player, co-op, and fan-hosted servers will all be able to ignore these measures if they so choose, meaning those playing alone or with friends who don’t mind can still use cheats if they want to.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly how effective these measures are, so we’ll keep you updated when the next patch is released.