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Every mainline Final Fantasy game, ranked from best to worst

Where does your favorite Final Fantasy game place in our list of all mainline games ranked from best to worst?
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The Final Fantasy series just won’t end, despite the name. More than three decades on from the first game in the series Final Fantasy is just as strong and revered as ever, and the recent Final Fantasy XVI has been well-received both critically and by fans.

XVI is actually the perfect place to start your Final Fantasy journey, and if you still want more after finishing up with Clive and his friends, then you can use our list below. In this list of every mainline Final Fantasy game we’ve ranked each title from the very best, to the very worst. Not all fantasies are made equal, after all.

Our qualifying rule for this list is that it has to be a mainline, numbered title, and we’re ignoring sequels and spin-offs. That means no X-2, no Lightning Returns, and no XII Revenant Wings. The rule has been bent slightly for the sake of a certain trilogy-in-the-making, but you can forgive us for that.

Just read below for everything you need to know about the best, and worst, mainline Final Fantasy games, ranked.