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Palworld anti-cheat update is coming, developers confirm

“As soon as it is ready”
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Palworld cheaters are apparently becoming a problem on some servers, ruining everybody’s fun. Developer Pocketpair has issued a statement, confirming that anti-cheat measures are coming as part of a future update.

“Currently, some players have been confirmed to be cheating on the official server. We will apply a patch as soon as it is ready, but it is currently difficult to completely prevent all cheating immediately,” the studio wrote. “We will continue to focus even more on security and aim to create an environment where everyone can play with peace of mind.”

A large dragon Pal with pink spikes projecting from its back is carrying a player character over a hilly, rocky area

Some idiots use a cheat to fly even though that's already a game feature.

Pocketpair concluded the statement by apologizing to all affected players and thanking them for their continued support.

It looks like some nefarious players have obtained access to a Pal Sphere that allows them to steal the tamed Pals of other users – this item is already in the files and will probably become accessible at some point on the Palworld roadmap (presumably in a PvP-focused update), but can’t currently be crafted with legal means. Cheaters nevertheless found a way of obtaining the item, using it for griefing. Naturally, anyone playing the game regularly won’t be able to steal Pals back or defend against such attacks.

There have also been observations of cheaters simply spawning dozens of items to help them destroy bases of other players in mere seconds.

It’s always difficult to grasp the twisted mindset of cheaters in non-competitive games like this. There is nothing to gain but a reputation for being a douchebag and ruining the fun of others – and for those who want to excuse their behavior by saying they only have limited time and use cheats to speed up their progress: You can simply boost the rate you gain XP at in Palworld through the official options menu, no cheating required.

In any case, we can only hope that Pocketpair finds an effective solution against Palworld cheaters soon – hackers getting out of hand is very detrimental to any online game’s player retention.