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91-rated grand strategy game on Steam hits lowest-ever price

Enter a world of intrigue and conquest at a bargain
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It’s a pity that Game of Thrones never spawned any good video games when it had its time in the sun – teeming with interesting lore and characters, the setting would be fruitful ground for several genres. Fortunately, Paradox already created the perfect strategy game for any fans of the series before HBO even thought about adapting George R. R. Martin’s works.

Those humble beginnings eventually gave us Crusader Kings 3, a juggernaut of grand strategy combining the fine arts of intrigue and seduction with the craft of politics and war. Recently, the game was expanded by the Legends of the Dead DLC, which further deepened its systems – and added a fearsome threat in the form of the Black Death.

If you, too, want to compete for power, glory, and all finer things life has to offer in the medieval world, then you’re in luck: Crusader Kings 3 is 60% off on Steam until March 21, 2024. 

Crusader Kings 3 Legends of the Dead screenshot showing a plague in the Holy Roman Empire.

Crusader Kings 3 will draw you in and never let you go.

This is the biggest discount for the game to date and I wouldn’t expect Paradox to slash the price more in the coming months, so if you’ve missed out on the 50% discount accompanying the launch of the latest expansion, then fate has given you a second chance. And let me tell you: Crusader Kings 3 doesn’t offer many of those – you win or you die, as in any good game of thrones.

Legends of the Dead and the free Scythe Update it was escorted by are only the kick-off for the Crusader Kings 3 roadmap in 2024, which includes two additional expansions coming out in the next few months, so a lot more exciting content is on the way. Those wishing for the glory of the Roman Empire to shine on them, for example, should keep an eye out for the improvements to the Byzantines due later this year.

Look, and if real history isn’t doing the trick for you, then you should know that Crusader Kings 3 has a thriving mod scene full of talented creators, who can use the foundation of the game and transport it into any universe you might desire. Say, for example, Westeros. Yes, there is a more than excellent CK3 Game of Thrones mod you can play, containing a detailed map of the Seven Kingdoms, custom events and systems to really nail that A Song of Ice and Fire setting, and of course all those characters you love and hate. You can even choose when to start your game – under the rule of the Mad King or after he’s been deposed.