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Best Harry Potter game of all time gets price slashed in half on Steam

You won’t need to tap your savings at Gringotts for this one
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It takes quite a game to outsell the likes of Call of Duty, EA Sports FC, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but this open-world RPG set in the universe of Harry Potter has left them all behind when it comes to shipped units – Hogwarts Legacy was the best-selling video game of 2023. However, everyone buying the game last year has been taken for a complete fool. They were all of them deceived, as another acclaimed British author put it.

If you’ve been patient about buying the celebrated Harry Potter game, then your discipline will pay off in cash now, for Hogwarts Legacy is off by 50% on Steam until March 21, 2024. That’s right – all those fools who couldn’t wait to explore the Wizarding World last year will have paid double the amount you need to part with to add the title to your library. That even leaves enough financial breathing room to grab one of the best strategy games available during the Steam Spring Sale 2024.

Hogwarts Legacy screenshot of pupils brewing a potion.

Naturally, brewing potions is on your schedule as a course.

Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the 1800s, so quite a while before Harry Potter and his friends enter the hallowed halls of the famous school for magic. Even back then, though, trouble was never far from Hogwarts and its pupils. Aside from experiencing the everyday life of Hogwarts and succeeding at their studies, players can explore the vast school grounds to experience the thrill of adventure.

Equipped with a fun magic combat system, no other game has been this close to truly allow a Harry Potter fan to step into the Wizarding World and become a part of it.

While not a perfect experience from a technical standpoint, especially at launch, updates have refined the title since then and even led to the game being verified for Steam Deck – an additional advantage of buying later than everyone else.

WB Games will have more Harry Potter in store in the future with a Quidditch-focused game already being confirmed to be in development. For Hogwarts Legacy, announcements about DLC have so far been missing – there were no plans for additional content ahead of launch.