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Xbox is working on Palworld dedicated servers and faster updates

Biggest third-party launch in Xbox Game Pass history
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It’s been a few days since we got the latest update on Palworld breaking records, but it looks like any worries about this hype train slowing down any time soon were wholly unfounded: According to developer Pocketpair, Palworld sold over twelve million times on Steam and was downloaded by seven million players on Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft confirmed these numbers, adding that Palworld has seen daily player numbers of close to three million through its subscription service, making it the most-played Game Pass title at the time of this peak. In total, the indie game has reached more than 19 million users so far.

Two Palworld Pals are floating in the air and laughing together

Depicted: Pocketpair and Microsoft dreaming about floating on invisible piles of cash, probably.

In addition to celebrating this success and officially calling Palworld the biggest third-party launch in Xbox Game Pass history, Microsoft vowed to support the Japanese developer by “providing support to enable dedicated servers, offering engineering resources to help with GPU and memory optimization, speeding up the process to make Palworld updates available for players, and working with the team to optimize the title for our platform.”

At the moment, the title’s Xbox Game Pass version is always lagging behind the one available on Steam due to Microsoft’s slower update certification process. This also makes implementing the crossplay functionality between the different platforms, which is on Palworld roadmap, difficult.

Having official support from Microsoft in regards to these issues will be a great boost towards the goal of having Palworld on Game Pass stand on equal footing with the Steam version. As we’ve seen last year with the development of Baldur’s Gate 3, which faced some obstacles in regards to its Xbox Series X|S version, such assistance from the Xbox team can be invaluable – together, Larian and Xbox managed to get the console port out of the door within a few months.

Palworld has been an incredibly lucky catch for Microsoft, so it’s not surprising to see the company jump at the opportunity to provide additional support for it, hopefully entrenching it as a Xbox Game Pass staple for the future.