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Persona 3 Reload The Answer DLC is happening after all

Oh Atlus, you tease

Atlus is making Persona 3 Reload DLC after all, and it includes the RPG’s Answer epilogue, originally exclusive to the PS2 Persona 3 FES game. Atlus made the announcement during the March 2024 Xbox Partner Showcase, just a few months after promising everyone that Reload was a complete game that would have no DLC and said The Answer is wave three of Reload’s expansion pass.

The first two waves include costumes and music from other games in the Persona series. Yeah, we’re not surprised it happened either.

The Answer, aka Episode Aigis, joins follows the android battlebot Aigis as she explores what it means to live – to find the answer to the question she raised near the end of Persona 3. It sends the S.E.E.S. team, minus one important member, into a new labyrinth called the Abyss of Time as they try to uncove the answer behind what happened on March 31, at the end of Persona 3. Hence why it’s called The Answer.

Episode Aigis’ original release was essentially just a rough dungeon crawler, but Atlus said the Reload version includes several quality-of-life improvements that make it a little less brutal.

Persona 3 Reload: The Answer launches in September 2024. The Reload expansion pass’ first wave is out on March 12, 2024, and adds Tartarus soundtrack options from Persona 5 Royal and Persona 4 Golden, including Life Will Change, Gentle Madman, the Junes Theme, and Heaven. The second wave, featuring Velvet Room-inspired soundtrack remixes and costumes, releases in May 2024.

The Persona 3 Reload expansion pass is free if you have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. If not, or if you play on PC or PlayStation, it’ll run you $34.99.