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Pioneers of Pagonia is set to be released in early access on PC later in 2023 and a new in-game reveal trailer finally gives us an impression of what we can expect from this spiritual successor to The Settlers. The footage of colorful villages full of workers hustling along paths and carrying wares between production buildings definitely evokes the atmosphere and feeling of the classic German strategy game series.

That’s not a surprise, of course, as The Settlers creator Volker Wertich is the brain behind Pioneers of Pagonia and is looking to make something similar to the first four entries of the series, which are still highly regarded to this day for their Wuselfaktor – their hustle and bustle.

It was first announced in February 2023 and this newly released trailer is the first time we actually got to see Pioneers of Pagonia in action.

Pioneers of Pagonia promises to be the “ultimate game world simulation” and is stated to feature over 40 different buildings as well as over 70 types of goods and resources. “Thousands of Pagonians scurry through the settlement and conscientiously pursue their duties,” a press release accompanying the trailer said, hinting at the possible sizes of the cities you can build.

You need to set up efficient production chains and establish an economy as you explore surrounding lands full of secrets. Hostile animals, plundering bandits, and even mythical creatures threaten your people, so their protection is another key area for you to consider.

The game will feature procedurally generated maps to enhance replayability. It’s planned to be a single-player title with co-op functionality being added after release.

You can wishlist the game on Steam to follow its development.