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Pioneers of Pagonia is set for a December 2023 release date

From the creator of The Settlers
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The Settlers creator Volker Wertich’s upcoming city builder and economy management game, Pioneers of Pagonia, will be released into Early Access on PC on December 13, 2023, via Steam. This has been announced at the start of gamescom 2023, where fans will be able to see the first publicly accessible build of the title. It’s also been nominated for the “Most Wholesome Game” award at the convention.

Worry not, though, as more testing opportunities are coming up: There will be a closed playtest for those registering by subscribing to the official newsletter about the game as well as a public demo ahead of Steam Next Fest 2023 in early October.

Pioneers of Pagonia screenshot of a bustling village.

Yes, this oozes The Settlers vibes.

Pioneers of Pagonia is stated to feature over 40 different buildings as well as over 70 types of goods and resources to work with. Thousands of little Pagonians are supposed to run around and busy themselves with economic processes at any given moment – the German word “Wuselfaktor” is the most apt way of describing it.

You need to set up efficient production chains and establish an economy as you explore surrounding lands full of secrets. Hostile animals, plundering bandits, and even mythical creatures threaten your people, so their protection is another key area for you to consider.

The game will feature procedurally generated maps to ensure replayability – not exactly an innovation, since random maps have always been a staple in The Settlers for Skirmish Mode. It’s planned to be a single-player title with co-op functionality being added after release.

The title strongly channels the first four entries into Ubisoft’s The Settlers series, which are beloved by fans to this day, aiming to become a true spiritual successor to those games since the actual sequels departed a lot from the original recipe to a point where the series’ identity has changed completely.