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The newest mega evolution that has made its way into Pokémon Go, Mega Salamence, is a tough nut to crack. Coming in at 50,285 competition points (CP), the Dragon- and Flying-type packs great stats and some devastating attacks.

Under regular circumstances you’d need at least two or three players with teams of strong Ice-type Pokémon to tame this great dragon. However, a player named TheMasterPage was able to defeat Mega Salamence all by themselves utilizing a team of one Mega Salamence on level 50, four Shadow Salamence between level 51 and level 40, and one Shadow Dragonite on level 50. All of them were equipped with Dragon-type attacks.

Dragon-type moves cause bonus damage to Dragon-type Pokémon, basically making a battle between dragons a knife fight with heavy injuries on both sides. Salamence and Dragonite are known for their toughness, though, which makes them especially adept at beating fellow Dragon-types as they can sustain this kind of beatdown.

TheMasterPage also got a bit lucky. The Mega Salamence they encountered had a moveset of Fire Fang and Fire Blast, two Fire-type attacks. These, of course, do no bonus damage against Dragon-type Pokémon, causing the player’s creatures to survive for far longer than they would have been able to against an opponent with Dragon-type moves. This solo run would likely not have been possible had Mega Salamence packed moves like Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor.

Still, losing only four of their six Pokémon due to some good dodges and beating Mega Salamence solo inside the time limit is a great achievement, showing what’s possible for a skilled raider.

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to strong level 50 Pokémon: Our best counters to Mega Salamence in Pokémon Go include great options for players on any level.