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Pokémon Go to add Regidrago and Regileki in Elite Raids

Niantic really wants you to like this unpopular feature
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Niantic is still leaving us hanging when it comes to information about the upcoming season of Pokémon Go, which is due to start on March 1, 2023, but a few teasers and information from data miners already paint a picture of some of the coming content pieces.

Already highlighted by a teaser posted on Twitter is the season’s name, Rising Heroes. This image also contains a hint towards what data miners have already confirmed: Regidrago and Regileki will celebrate their debuts in Pokémon Go. Good news, right?

Well, that depends on how much you like having to attend Elite Raids to complete your Pokédex, because both members of the Regi family will only be available in such battles. There will also be a Timed Research surrounding these Elite Raids in the next season.

Data miners have unearthed information about upcoming events as well, such as Catch Mastery and Festival of Colors 2023, which will feature a Collection Challenge. In addition to that, it looks like the upcoming seasonal research will be a paid Timed Research this time, which is causing consternation among players.

The community is having a bad feeling about learning all of this through leaks, because the last time Niantic waited so long to announce details about an upcoming season it also revealed unpopular changes to how Incense works in the game. With data miners already having dug out hints that Remote Raid Passes may get a daily limit, which would be a further blow to many players at locations without big local communities, there are fears that this is the bad news that will break alongside the season details.

Despite some Pokémon Go announcements during Pokémon Day 2023, Niantic seemingly can’t put a foot right in the mobile game at the moment.