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Niantic has announced the opening of a Pokémon Go Web Store, which enables players to buy PokéCoins from outside the app. This allows the company to sell in-game currency without the need to share the profits with Apple and Google, which otherwise take cuts from any purchases made in-app.

Apple and Google reacted very aggressively when Epic Games did this with Fortnite, resulting in a legal battle between the corporations and the deletion of Fortnite from iOS devices as Apple argued that Epic Games was going against the terms of service for the App Store by advertising the external store in the app.

Niantic is keeping mentions of the Web Store out of the game to be on the safe side, which is what Apple recommends developers to do.

“The Web Store offers the best deals, the biggest bundles, and exclusive offers. Plus, you can get up to 1,000 bonus PokéCoins with every purchase! You can use PokéCoins to purchase bundles and other items from the in-game shop. This offer is only available at the Pokémon GO Web Store,” Niantic stated in a marketing email sent out about the announcement.

The Pokémon Go Web Store is only available in a few regions at the moment and is expected to be expanded over the coming months. It offers bundles with 1,200 PokéCoins and upwards, which are also available via the in-app store, adding some extra coins on top to motivate people to buy through the Web Store.

A closer comparison between all the available bundles shows, however, that the in-app store’s 100 PokéCoin bundle for $0.99 is still the best deal for players with 1.01 coins per Cent. The big $159.99 deal from the Web Store for 15,500 PokéCoins comes close with 0.96 coins per Cent, but can’t beat the small bundle’s value. For now, at least, the in-app store is still your best source of PokéCoins.

The Web Store launch comes after controversial changes to Remote Raids in the game, which led to an open feud with the community.