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Pokémon Go World of Wonders reveal has fans dread yet more Kanto content

Dread it, run from it, Kanto arrives all the same
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The Timeless Travels Season in Pokémon Go has almost run its course and Niantic has put out a teaser for what’s to come in the next three months – the World of Wonders Season. It revealed the title in a very short teaser video on social media, which showed several Gen 1 Pokémon and one of those space-time anomalies preceding the arrival of an Ultra Beast.

While fans are looking forward to catching more of these alien Pokémon and completing their Ultra Beast collection, the hint at another Kanto-focused period has players already dreading the new season. Gen 1’s home may be a sacred, hallowed area for older pocket monster fans, but it’s been in Pokémon Go’s spotlight repeatedly in the past few months – people are simply burned out. There is a real sense of fatigue when it comes to Kanto and its native Pokémon in the mobile game.

“Please god no Kanto again,” the first comment under the teaser video said. “They Kanto getting away with this,” another user joked on a different site, echoing the anti-Kanto mood.

Stakataka, Blacephalon, and Necrozma have been teased by the developers previously and are still missing from the Ultra Beast roster available in the game, so they are high up on players’ wishlists. Pidgey and Rattata? Not so much. Many players would much rather get some of the missing creatures from Kalos or Galar.

Now, it’s still unclear if the teaser showing lots of Kanto Pokémon is actually indicating a season focused on the region or if Niantic is simply trying to appeal to a broader audience with monsters that are more easily recognizable, but the fans have made their feelings clear.

We’ll likely get more details on the World of Wonders Season in the coming days or during the Pokémon Presents broadcast today.