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The Pokémon Company has put a pause on all event raids set to take place in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet over the weekend after a new event launched with a game-breaking bug that was crashing players’ games.

The bug was introduced alongside a limited-time raid for Iron Treads and Great Tusk, two Paradox Pokémon based on Donphan, which went live earlier today. Upon completing the raid online, the game would attempt to give players a TM crafting item for the Pokémon, as happens in other raids.

Unfortunately, Paradox Pokémon do not drop TM crafting items, which means the game instead gave players an item listed simply as ‘None’. When exiting back out to the overworld, if the player was completing the raid while connected to the internet, the game would freeze and eventually crash.

As a result, both raids have been taken offline for the time being, and players are urged to avoid the raids if they downloaded the data prior to them being taken offline. Another raid event, the second part of the Chesnaught raid from last weekend, has also been taken offline as part of the rollback.

The Pokémon Company has issued a statement on Twitter saying it’s investigating the issue, calling the raids ‘suspended’, but stopped short of saying when they would return. At the time of writing, neither raid has been made available again, but this article will be updated if and when they return.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are no strangers to bugs. The games launched with a huge amount of bugs last November, and despite multiple patches since then, many bugs remain. Nintendo promised that the game would continue to improve post-launch, but with DLC set to release sometime this year, and Pokémon Home support due next week, it feels like some bugs may remain forever.