PS Plus monthly games for May revealed

It’s a packed month for PlayStation owners
PS Plus' May 2024 offerings
PS Plus' May 2024 offerings / Sony

The next batch of games for PlayStation Plus has been revealed, and it’s a big one. Starting May 7, PS Plus subscribers of all tiers can look forward to three major franchise players and one beloved indie game.

Without a doubt, the biggest game coming to PS Plus this month is EA Sports FC24. The first game from EA to not use the “FIFA” branding, the game builds on the franchise’s foundations, as we said in our FC24 review, to deliver a strong entry. The game features HyperMotionV and improved PlayStyles abilities, on top of increased visual fidelity thanks to updates to the Frostbite engine. It’s also a great time to jump into the game as EA gears up to reveal FC25 later this year.

The next big game in this month’s lineup is Destiny 2: Lightfall. The cyberpunk-themed expansion saw a mixed reception from fans at launch, but Bungie keeps adding new content to make fans forget its mistakes. Lightfall takes players to Neptune while introducing the Cloud Striders, a new faction in the Destiny 2 universe. It’s going to be a while until Bungie announces Destiny 3, so you have plenty of time to get through the older expansions before its final one.

The third game joining the service is Ghostrunner 2, the sequel to the 2020 hit that combined hack-and-slash gameplay with fluid parkour. The sequel improves upon the core mechanics of the first, offering a deeper combat experience, more complex level design, and new gameplay modes. Following its addition, both Ghostrunner games will be on PS Plus.

The final game on the list is Tunic, a cute but tough action platformer that was one of the best indie games of 2022. The game runs well on PS5 too, and is a great throwback to classic isometric adventure games. It also has a wonderful soundtrack from Lifeformed.

Besides these, PS Plus subscribers can also download the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Starter Pack, which includes 11 untradeable players. Before these games are added though, don’t forget to claim last month’s additions.

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