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When you’re playing a multiplayer game, you often wind up saying things that might earn you some funny looks in normal life – things like “nice kill.” In one Rainbow Six Siege player’s case, the unfortunate phrase was “I killed two people,” and instead of getting a funny look, he got a house call from the police and a rifle pointed at his head (thanks, GuardHunter).

The incident happened during a normal match in Ubisoft's online shooter, where the player, Elijah, was in a party chat with friends, and the match was proceeding as expected. Unknown to Elijah at the time, he had apparently dialed emergency services on his phone, so when he told his friends “I killed two people,” the police at the other end believed he had committed an actual double murder.

A friend of Elijah’s shared the story and video of the event. They said the police arrived within five minutes of hearing that phrase, and one officer pointed an assault rifle at Elijah’s head, while the remainder of the team searched his house. 

The process reportedly took four hours, and while Elijah was, understandably, quite shaken, the police relaxed enough to ask him at one point who his favorite Rainbow operator is.

The confrontation ended without incident – and without evidence of real murder – but the next time you’re in a heated FPS game, you might want to consider taking your phone out of your pocket.