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Resident Evil 4’s stunning remake is just days away from release, but at least Capcom has a trick up its sleeve to help pass the time: a cute little anime teaser. Yup, as strange as it might sound, there really is a Resident Evil 4 anime… or at least there would be, if it wasn’t all a little bit of a joke.

The first episode of Resident Evil 4 Anime PV Resident Evil Masterpiece Theater – yes, that’s its real name – was released yesterday, and features everybody’s favourite rookie cop turned super-powered government agent Leon Kennedy. The plot is a little bit of a spoof of Resident Evil 4’s story, and shows Leon rocking up to Spain to try and find out where the president’s daughter is.

Of course, that doesn’t go quite as planned, as anyone who’s played RE4 might already have guessed. That’s because everyone in this sleepy little village is a bloodthirsty monster that can’t really understand what Leon is trying to say to him. Or at least, if they can, they have no plan to level with him.

You can watch the “first” episode, titled Leon and the Mysterious Village, below.

It’s unlikely that this adorable anime teaser will be turned into a full series, the first episode is just a minute long and it was clearly made to give everyone a bit of a laugh prior to the launch of Resident Evil 4’s remake. There are plenty of other ways to pass the time if you’re excited for Resident Evil 4, such as the demo that dropped at a recent Capcom show.

If you’re up for a challenge, you can also use a cheat code to unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode in Resident Evil 4, making it much more difficult. That game mode isn’t in the main game, but it’s still a lot of fun to try out while you’re waiting for the full game to release.

Not everyone is happy with the demo, however, as some Resident Evil 4 players expressed disappointment with it and its approach to gore. Many were hoping the remake would take the gore system from Resident Evil 2’s remake, but were disappointed to see that no similar system existed in the main game.

That shouldn’t get you too worried though, as we said in our Resident Evil 4 review, the game is absolutely incredible. Familiar but fresh at the same time, the new game takes the best parts of the original and repackages it in a fantastic new way