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Resident Evil 4 remake on Steam is off to a smashing start, literally, as it rockets past the horror game series’ previous milestones. On March 24, 2023 – the day the game launched – the remake set a new record for Resident Evil with 132,331 players playing at its peak, and as of this piece’s publication, that peak count rose to 168,191 players.

Resident Evil Village held the previous record, with a peak count in the days after launch of 106, 631 people. Resident Evil 2 remake, the critically acclaimed game that sparked Capcom’s string of remakes, topped out at 74,227 players.

Down at the bottom of the list is Resident Evil 7, with just 20,449 players. Even the Resident Evil 4 demo had more players than Biohazard. 36,310 people checked it out on Steam.


Our Dave Aubrey gave the remake a glowing review, praising its clever blending of the familiar with the unexpected, which kept him playing long after finishing it once. And then twice.

“Every inch of the world is tinged with a sense of familiarity, but it’s clearly different – like coming home and finding the old fields are covered in new houses and an Amazon warehouse – and those innumerable differences are what breathes new life into Resident Evil 4.”