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Rockstar Games absorbs the team behind FiveM and RedM

This might be paving the way for official GTA 6 role-play support
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Rockstar Games announced that it has absorbed, the team responsible for FiveM and RedM, which provide the technical support for the biggest role-play communities of GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2’s online modes.

The developer hopes to be able to provide better support for the part of the community dedicated to role-playing in the future thanks to this move. Recently, Rockstar Games already widened its mod policy to be more inclusive to the needs of those who primarily spend their time in GTA Online and Read Dead Redemption Online by role-playing.

Logo of on white background., which provides the tools for GTA Online RP modding and dedicated servers, is now part of Rockstar Games.

This move might pave the way for GTA 6 having dedicated role-play support for its online mode right from the start. Rockstar’s next blockbuster game is likely headed for a 2024 release date with publisher Take-Two expecting record profits from the title.

While parts of the community view this possibility as very beneficial, there are also voices that are more critical about this development. The biggest fear is that Rockstar could monetize the role-play features by paywalling them behind its GTA+ subscription or filling them with lots of microtransactions. And with the way GTA Online has developed over the years, it’s hard not to understand those worries.

It’s also quite an exceptional move given Rockstar Games’ complicated history with modders – there have been several instances where the company took down community-made work for very dubious reasons, so this team-up is nothing if not a surprise.