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Runescape’s latest Crack the Clue has been cracked, and the solution was an item that’s been useless in the MMO for 22 years (thanks, GamesRadar). Crack the Clue is a series of riddles that, once solved, leads players to an exclusive set of armor, and the PC community has been trying to figure out the latest one since it first turned up in September 2022.

The solution included filling your pockets with random items, including one tile – an item that has had absolutely no use since it turned up in the game in 2001.

“22 years of suspenseful buildup,” one Redditer wrote.

It’s a good day for the humble tile, but what’s really remarkable is how fans solved the riddle. They detailed the lengthy process on Reddit, and it sounds like some of them might have a bright future in code breaking.

“The solution is acquired by counting the number of o's per word and selecting the letter at that position in a cumulative manner,” one user wrote. “For example, the first "woo" in the ghost's message contains five o's, so the first letter of the solution would be the fifth letter of the previous solution, ‘T’. The next ‘woo’ contains six o's, resulting in the letter ‘I’. Continuing this until all the o's have been used will result in the string TILEBEERTROUTPOTSARDINEPOTATOTIARABETTY, leading to Betty in Port Sarim.”

The result of all this hard work was actually just one part of the full gear set, the bottom of the Robe of Ruin. If you don't have a tile of your own, you can get one in the Wilderness.