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HoYoverse is having a lot of fun with Silver Wolf, an upcoming playable character for Honkai: Star Rail appearing in the update 1.1 banners. A little introduction post the company made for Silver Wolf on HoYoLAB contains various short tidbits of information written from an in-universe perspective. Among them is a section in which someone asks Silver Wolf, a notorious gamer and hacker, how to get better at video games.

She promptly responds by describing a gacha pull ritual for Honkai: Star Rail, which she says is “the best strategy for obtaining your target” character. Superstitious players sometimes follow a ritual when pulling new characters from the gacha in the hopes of increasing their chances, and it seems like Silver Wolf is a firm believer in the practice.

Here is what she advises: “Stand next to the chessboard on the Express at a point equidistant from the seats on either side, face the window opposite the aisle, align your line of sight so the void song whale hologram near the ceiling, then open the game. Now, press confirm on the gacha then cancel it. Repeat this three times, and then make the pull.”

Pom-Pom remarks that the Astral Express crew won’t take any responsibility for unverified advice such as this, so it’s unlikely that this will work… unless…

Honkai: Star Rail Silver Wolf pull ritual.

Going by Silver Wolf's description, the position for the ritual should look somewhat like this. Also, I swear I cheered Pom-Pom up right after taking this picture.

Well, you can easily try it yourself when Silver Wolf becomes available on June 7, 2023. Maybe the developers have at least included a hidden achievement for trying this method, who knows? It certainly can’t hurt your chances of pulling the new 5-Star character.

You can check out Silver Wolf’s new trailer as well to bridge the waiting time:

It contains plenty of easter eggs for those of you who played Honkai Impact 3rd, as it seems like Silver Wolf is an avid player as well.