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Fans think The Sims 4 on Switch may happen soon

EA might have accidentally leaked a pending announcement

EA might have accidentally leaked The Sims 4 on Switch, as some keen fans spotted Nintendo’s handheld as a supported platform for the life-sim game. “Might” does some heavy lifting there, though. You have to do a bit of dedicated searching to find it, and it could just be a Google error, albeit one in several languages.

Twitter user and Sims enthusiast TheHenfordHen first spotted the hint of Sims 4 on Switch and posted an image for proof. The Sims 4 download page’s metadescription lists all the platforms you can download EA and Maxis’ life game on, and Nintendo Switch is there before PC

Some commenters said the Switch listing even showed up in other languages, though if you click the link to the Sims 4 download instructions page, there’s no Switch icon.

I couldn't get the specific page to show up until I searched for "sims 4 ea download platforms," so it's not something you'd see just by doing a quick search for the game itself.

While the listing could just be a Google error, some Sims fans think EA and Maxis are gearing up for a new announcement. Whether the Switch could actually handle The Sims 4 expansions and content packs is unlikely, since even some mid-range PCs struggle with it. It could launch on Nintendo’s Switch 2, which reportedly has better processing capabilities than the original Switch, but there's another possible scenario as well.

Some speculated that EA might launch it as a cloud release, similar to what Capcom did with Resident Evil and how Square Enix handled Kingdom Hearts. How helpful that might be depends on how stable your internet connection is, but since it’s almost impossible to play The Sims 4 on Steam Deck, it would, at least, be one feasible option for playing it on a handheld device.

It wouldn't be the first time EA leaked Sims 4 news. The publisher recently posted a full store page for The Sims 4's new castle-themed stuff pack nearly a week before officially announcing it.