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Skull and Bones release date confirmed at The Game Awards 2023

This time for real, pirate pinky promise
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Hoist the colors once more, because the Skull and Bones release date has been confirmed to be February 16, 2024, by Ubisoft at The Game Awards 2023. Ahead of launch, players will be able to test their sea legs in an closed beta for the game.

Yet another new trailer showed the pirate game in action, giving players a taste of what might – just possibly – await them.

Yes, it’s the next attempt of getting this seemingly cursed development project out of the door for good. After pretty much every Ubisoft studio on the planet probably chipped into development at least once, the publisher is once again confident that it’ll swim once cut loose – then again, that’s been the case previously as well.

After a closed beta in August 2023, Ubisoft pushed the PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S title back again, marking the sixth time Skull and Bones was delayed – by our count, that is. It’s easy to lose track.

At this point, it’s hard to say what Skull and Bones will even be about anymore aside from letting players sail the ocean and plunder some treasure.

Skull and Bones artwork showing pirates looking at their ships.

What do your pirate eyes see, Lecutlass?

Ubisoft’s official description reads: “Enter the perilous world of Skull and Bones, where you play by your own rules to rise from a nobody to become the most fearsome pirate kingpin. From the Coast of Africa to the lush, tropical islands of the East Indies, the world of Skull and Bones is a treasure trove to explore. Through your journey, you will face many dangers – from unpredictable weather, dangerous rogue waves, to deadly wildlife and cutthroat pirate hunters. Everything and everyone wants you dead.”

According to Ubisoft, players will be able to form groups with up to two friends or strangers to brave the dangers of storms and foes alike. Skull and Bones will contain ten different ship types at launch, which all come with different perks and play styles. The game promises brutal naval battles as well as the opportunity to attack island forts and plunder them for treasure, allowing players to gain infamy and reputation.