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A new Skyrim mod adds third-person character models to the inventory menu, Oblivion style, so you can finally see just how swish your Dragonborn looks – or not, depending on what kind of monstrous gear combination you’ve compiled. The Show Player in Menus mod comes from myztikrice on NexusMods (thanks, PCGamer) and rotates the camera and your character so you’re looking at them head-on in the inventory screen.

That’s a pretty significant improvement over the open-world RPG’s original equipment screen, where you just aren’t there at all. Sure, you can cast your eye over the Dragonborn from behind in third-person mode, but it’s not the most convenient way of seeing yourself. 

Myztikrice’s mod lets you rotate the camera and your character independently, so you can see and admire them from all angles.

There’s a bundle of other options as well, including one to hide characters so just the armor shows up and one that has your character appear in the bartering menu as well. No more faceless haggling – though bear in mind that it conflicts with the Improved Alternate Conversation Targeting mod, so you have to choose between one or the other.

Otherwise, it seems like the Show Player in Menus mod works with pretty much everything else. Unlike previous mods that aimed for something similar, this one also works for Skyrim’s Anniversary Edition and the Special Edition and not just the base game.

As always with mods, this one only works with the PC game and not with the console versions.