One of 2023’s best PC games is coming to Switch

And PlayStation and Xbox
Black Tabby Games

Slay the Princess, an inventive horror game and one of our picks for 2023’s best games in general, is coming to consoles, including Nintendo Switch, but it’s not just a simple port. Slay the Princess on console comes with a bundle of new princesses, three new chapters, and more, a definitive edition dubbed Slay the Princess: Pristine Cut.

Slay the Princess is a visual novel that casts you as the hero, a noble heart on a mission to rid the realm of a terrible monster. When you arrive at the prison where this horrific beast is held, though, all you see is a harmless princess who begs you not to kill her. If you don’t, the world might end. If you do, your world might never be the same.

She lies, flatters, promises, and does whatever it takes to keep you from fulfilling your mission. You will die, a lot, and the world – and the princess – is a little bit different every time you come back. Slay the Princess’ changing narrative, influenced by your choices, is one of the strongest examples of a branching story done right. Saying anything more would be a spoiler, and as we say in our Slay the Princess review, it’s definitely worth experiencing unspoiled.

The Pristine Cut includes:

  • Three newchapters
  • New princesses
  • Expansions for older routes
  • A new ending 
  • A gallery that functions as an event theater r
  • Over 1,200 new frames, hand-illustrated by Abby Howard
  • Over 2,500 new lines of voiced dialogue featuring Jonathan Sims and Nichole Goodnight

All of this is coming to the PC version in a free update as well.

Slay the Princess: Pristine Cut launches sometime in fall 2024 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Josh Broadwell