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Solium Infernum invites you to hell in a free multiplayer test weekend

Backstab your friends in an infernal game of thrones
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Fans of strategy games are excitedly looking forward to January 11, 2024, when Solium Infernum opens the gates to hell – temporarily, at least. Fully releasing on February 14, 2024, this intriguing turn-based title will be available for a free multiplayer test between January 11 and 14, allowing all aspiring rulers of hell to try their hand at the infernal game of thrones.

You’ll be able to dive into the first chapter of the single-player campaign as well, which functions as a tutorial for the meaty strategy title, but other than that it’s all about matching your wits with other human players (though you can fill out lobbies with AI players).

Solium Infernum key art of a crown above a dark stone throne.

You want this to be your new chair?

What’s fantastic about this title’s multiplayer mode is that playing a match in a single session isn’t the only option – Solium Infernum features an asynchronous multiplayer mode that allows you to play out a game over days, weeks, and even months. Steam’s notification system sends everyone a ping when it’s time to take an action, which is a pretty non-intrusive way of reminding people to give their orders. This is a great way of playing without everyone having to take several hours out of their schedule at once.

League of Geeks wants to use this opportunity to gather feedback from players for the purpose of fine-tuning the experience ahead of launch.

Solium Infernum is basically a race between different archfiends to gain enough prestige to be elected the next ruler of hell – and though competition among these fiends is strictly structured, there are always loopholes to be found and exploited. You can use diplomacy, wage war, execute magic rituals, and much more on your way to secure as much prestige as possible.

You can already head to the game’s Steam page and sign up to the next playtest, which is going to grant you access to the title automatically once the free weekend has begun. Solium Infernum, like a board game, is best enjoyed with some friends, so make sure to invite additional people to backstab, set up for failure, trample in the dust, aggravate otherwise.