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Sons of Valhalla release date set for April 2024

Viking Ratropolis without the cards
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Combining classic 2D side-scrolling combat with strategic base-building, Sons of Valhalla is a little bit like Ratropolis without the deck-building mechanics – it’s certainly a pretty unique game type. Those interested in the title won’t have to wait for very long, because developer Pixel Chest and publisher Hooded Horse have announced the Sons of Valhalla release date as April 5, 2024.

You can watch the newest Sons of Valhalla trailer below to get an impression:

In Sons of Valhalla, you play as a man called Thorald Olavson, who is on the hunt for a Jarl who burned down his tome, stole his beloved, and then fled to England. Following the culprit to these distant shores, you need to build up a stronghold and recruit warriors to your cause, generating ever more resources to fuel your vengeance.

Building up and actively managing your towns is going to be a key part of the game. While you should produce as many resources as you can, there is the option of pillaging neighboring villages to get what you require – Vikings aren’t nice people, no matter how popular they are. Naturally, your own base can become the target of raids and attacks, so fortifying it is a must.

Sons of Valhalla screenshot showing a pixel art battle between Vikings.

Sieges require the right tools for the job.

With your resources – ill-gotten or otherwise – you then need to recruit a host of troops to lead into battle. You can issue orders and get your army into specific formations as you attack the enemy. Being a leader of Vikings, it is your duty to be among the first warriors to charge into the fray, so better practice with your weapons every day, no matter if you prefer sword, spear, or bow.

Set in a handcrafted pixel art world, Sons of Valhalla is the work of two brothers with a passion for games and history. Told in six chapters, the game’s linear story contains plenty of surprises, over 40 enemy types, and endless horde mode for when you’re done with the campaign.

Sons of Valhalla will be available for PC on April 5, 2024, via Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store.