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Splatoon 3 Fresh Season 2024 release date trailer teases new map

Everything is fresh

Nintendo debuted the Splatoon 3 Fresh Season 2024 release date trailer, highlighting what to expect in the multiplayer game’s new season, including a new map, and it looks brilliant. Splatoon 3 Fresh Season 2024 releases on March 1, 2024, for Nintendo Switch, a few days after the long-awaited Side Order DLC expansion launches.

With the free new season comes Marlin Airport, an inventive new stage with moving pieces, ink-controlled propellor platforms, and plenty of vantage points and hiding places to suit weapons of all specialties. That includes the new Splatbrella weapon Recycled Brella 24 Mk 1. It’s a bit tough to see what makes this different from the usual umbrella weapon, since it fires a parasol that acts as a shield just like the others do. However, it does look like the parasol-less splatter has a higher rate-of-fire than your usual umbrella.

Also new is the Douser Dualies set, though it really is nearly impossible to tell what makes this set unique. The Fresh Season 2024 trailer shows the weapon type’s signature dash-splat combo in action, and they certainly look cool – but that’s about all Nintendo is saying and showing so far.

There’s a new Salmon Run arena called the Bone Rattler, though the brief clip in the trailer makes it look a lot like the old Salmon Run arenas, and Splatfests during Fresh Season 2024 introduces the Fizzbang, a little ink bomb that explodes with a firework-like bang before splatting a small area around it.

All of this is free for everyone who owns Splatoon 3 on Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking for single-player challenges, you’ll have to pay for it. The roguelike-inspired Side Order DLC costs $24.99 and launches Feb. 22, 2024.