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Star Wars: Hunters delayed once again

Zynga’s MOBA is getting pushed back further
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First beta tests for Star Wars: Hunters were run all the way back in 2021 with the release date initially set for 2022, but a delay struck the project and Zynga’s Star Wars MOBA was pushed into 2023. Now, the developer has once again put out a public statement, further delaying the worldwide launch of the iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch game into some time in 2024.

“We are hard at work bringing our vision of Star Wars: Hunters to life and are committed to creating the best experience for our players,” Zynga wrote. “To ensure we meet the highest level of quality, we have made the difficult decision to delay the worldwide launch of Star Wars: Hunters to 2024.”

Several characters from the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Hunters features a cast of original characters.

Zynga thanked all the players participating in the soft-launched version of the game, which is already available in some regions of the world, but stated that there were more features it wants to put into the game before going live with it around the globe: “These include Ranked Mode, exciting updates to our core gameplay mechanics, and much more.”

“Game delays are frustrating, for both fans and us as developers, but our top priority remains to ensure players have the best possible experience,” Zynga concluded.

The mobile game is a multiplayer arena brawler featuring a roster of original hero characters with unique abilities, so don’t expect the likes of Luke Skywalker and The Emperor to run around in its matches.

You can check out our list of Star Wars games being developed right now to get an overview of the projects set in the galaxy far, far away aside from Hunters, which is now set to launch for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android worldwide in 2024.