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Hefty new Starfield update adds over 100 fixes and improvements

No more asteroid companions! For a little while, anyway

Bethesda is gearing up to launch its biggest Starfield update soon, with dozens of bug fixes and some big improvements as well. The studio plans to release the space game's free update around Jan. 31, 2024, following two weeks of testing in beta form.

While Bethesda calls it the game’s biggest update, don’t expect many new features. This patch is all about fixing problems. Top on the list is a range of quest fixes, including some progress-blocking bugs such as one in Eye of the Storm and a glitch that kept Temples from appearing during Into the Unknown.

Visual improvements are also coming in the new Starfield update. Bethesda said we can expect improved textures, lighting, and shadow, and from the sample image the studio tweeted, it looks like these changes might have a surprisingly noticeable effect, especially on character models.

“Other fixes and improvements include sun disk geometry, planet ring shadows, bulldozed objects reappearing when returning to an Outpost, ship hatches marked inaccessible, and another fix for asteroids following ships,” Bethesda said.

Asteroids and even whole cities stalking your ship through the galaxy have been an unintended feature since Starfield launched, and while some of the worst offenders would actually uproot locations vital to the narrative, I’ll miss my little rocky friends tagging along for the space journey. I'm also doubtful it'll be a permanent fix, but we'll see.

Bethesda said they’ll share more details about the big Starfield update in the coming weeks, so plan on seeing even more fixes and improvements. Starfield DLC is still in the works as well, though we likely won't hear much about that until Bethesda is satisfied with the base game's stability.