May Starfield update fixes one of the space game’s biggest problems

You can change the game’s difficulty as well

A new Starfield update is here, and it makes some small, but welcome changes to the space game, including the option to decorate your ship and – finally! – a map that actually shows you where you are. The Starfield May update, officially Starfield 1.11.33, is currently in beta mode, as is usually the case with Bethesda’s tinkerings, though the team said in the update’s announcement post that they doubt any noteworthy changes will happen between now and when the update goes live.

Top on the list of changes is a new map system. Prior to now, Starfield’s maps were basically just topographical maps, with a bunch of lines, name labels for important places, and that was it. Sure, it adds to the sense of adventure and exploration, but that far into the future when human civilization is living on other planets, I think we could do better.

Bethesda didn’t actually say what the new maps will look like, but they promised it’ll be harder to get lost.

The new update also adds customizable difficulty options, which is handy, and the option to decorate the inside of your ship. As someone who’s recently grown very fond of decorating games, that might be enough to make me play Starfield again.

On Xbox Series X, the new Starfield update adds the option to toggle between performance and fidelity mode, and on VRR displays, you can set a frame rate target of 30, 40, and 60fps or set an uncapped framerate.

Elsewhere in Starfield news, Bethesda may be gearing up to launch Shattered Space, the first Starfield DLC, sometime in fall 2024.

Josh Broadwell