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YouTuber GreenSuigi set a new Super Mario 64 speedrun record that’s so impressive, other speedrunners wonder if anyone can surpass it (thanks, GamesRadar). The speedrun community calls it the Mario 64 1 Star speedrun, and as the name suggests, it involves beating the game while collecting just one star.

You need 70 stars to finish the Nintendo classic if you’re playing normally, which takes around 10 hours or more to do. Speedrunners take advantage of several glitches and wall clips to bypass most of the game’s progress gates and trim the run time down substantially.

The previous record was just over seven minutes, which is impressive in itself considering the game starts with an unskippable cutscene that lasts nearly a full minute. GreenSuigi shaved several seconds off and finished in six minutes and 58 seconds in a run that was, as their viewers also noted, practically flawless.

GreenSuigi had been practicing for months, and just days before breaking the record, posted a few runs that went longer than seven minutes. The seemingly seamless nature of the record-breaking run has other speedrunners on Reddit wondering if anyone else will even try to beat GreenSuigi’s record.

“Absolutely insane run,” one user said. “It's not unbeatable, but sub 7 was the final minute barrier so this is going kill any motivation to run the category.”

“It's pretty close to unbeatable tbh especially for anyone besides suigi [sic],” another responded. “Run is really really good.”

Speedrunners are always finding ways to innovate and improve, so whatever the sentiment on Reddit, chances are, someone’s out there trying to beat GreenSuigi’s time already.