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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is releasing early next year, and at tonight’s The Game Awards ceremony, we saw a brand new uncut clip from the film, allowing us all to get a better look at the visuals of the movie, and the jokes that are in store for us.

We get to see an incredibly assertive – or downright bossy – version of Captain Toad, one that can actually make a few small jumps. Far more nimble than the average Toad, naturally. Meanwhile, Mario seems quite perturbed as he uses a pipe to warp for the first time.

Best of all though, we get a far better peek at the Mushroom Kingdom, where Toads are crowding around coin blocks in order to produce coins. Well, you could’ve guessed that one without me saying, right? These aren’t the floaty videogame kind though, as they instead hit the ground and look like heavy, solid objects. A bit like a giant chocolate coin.

It’s only natural that Mario would get a little bit of vertigo when using the hovering platforms that litter the kingdom, too. Hopefully in the next clip we’ll get to see much more of Princess Peach, like in the recent trailer.

The Super Mario Movie will be in cinemas globally in April, 2023.