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The Callisto Protocol - an upcoming sci-fi horror game from the creator of Dead Space - features some striking cover art. On it, the protagonist kneels in a spacesuit, looking defeated. 

According to game director Glen Schofield, the image was inspired by the iconic photograph of Y.A. Tittle, taken by Morris Berman of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 

In the image, Tittle is on his knees in the endzone without his helmet, bloodied and beaten after having just suffered a concussion and a cracked sternum. 

When the original photograph was turned into the Post-Gazette, the publication turned it down, instead opting for action shots. The photographer went on to enter it into competitions, where it would later win the National Headliner Award and take on a life of its own. 

The photo was also featured on the back of Tittle's autobiography, while the player who injured him - Pittsburgh's John Baker - used it as a campaign photo while running for sheriff in  Wake County, North Carolina. 

If you're planning to play the game, prepare to get just as bloody and beaten. We sat down with the developers to talk about The Callisto Protocol's gore systems, and it sounds like you're going to be covered in the stuff.