The Casting of Frank Stone sure sounds like a Supermassive game

Branching choices, serial killers, death – it’s all here
Behaviour Interactive/Supermassive

Behaviour teased a little bit more about its Dead by Daylight collaboration project with Dark Pictures Supermassive, a horror game called The Casting of Frank Stone, during the DbD anniversary stream, and it sounds pretty promising so far. There’s still no actual word on when we might get to see it or when Supermassive expects to release the game, but executive producer Traci Tufte did go into a bit of detail about what to expect.

The Casting of Frank Stone follows a group of young adults as they make a movie called Murder Mill – surely a sign of only good and happy things to come. Their film takes them to the site of Frank Stone’s old haunts. Frank Stone was a serial killer, and he may or may not still be around.

Something’s potentially picking the would-be filmmakers off. In true Supermassive fashion, who dies, when, and how depends on the choices you make, how you handle Frank Stone’s (the game) environmental puzzles, and whether you manage to get through quick-time events without anything terrible happening.

Tufte said The Casting of Frank Stone has many “significant” branching points, and how long your journey through the mill takes depends on how you approach the game’s problems. However, you can expect most playthroughs to take roughly five-to-seven hours.

Josh Broadwell