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A new The Last of Us mod reimagined Naughty Dog’s iconic survival horror game as a first-person shooter and made the experience more brutal than ever. The mod, fittingly called “The Last of Us First Person Mode & Brutal Combat,” comes from YouTuber Voyagers Revenge, who released a lengthy trailer highlighting how the mod changes the game - but it's just a showcase for now.

Voyagers Revenge didn't say whether they plan to release the mod for public use. You can keep up with Voyagers Revenge’s progress and plans on their Patreon or YouTube channel.

Like most mods, this one is designed to work with the PC version of The Last of Us Part 1 – not the PS5 version. 

The obvious change is that you’re playing the entire game from Joel’s perspective. That significantly limits your range of vision, making it easier to get jumped by rogue scavengers and runners, and it also puts you closer to the violence. Dispatching an enemy with a shotgun looks much more savage in first person, so bear that in mind if you’re interested in trying the mod.

Voyagers Revenge tweaked the game’s settings for the showcase so you start on Grounded – the highest difficulty – but instead of having to scramble for materials and hoard cautiously, you begin with your weapons already upgraded and a stash of ammo and crafting materials. The goal is creating a more “aggressive” experience, and from the video, it certainly seems to do the trick.