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You know what’s been missing from The Sims 4 all this time? Horses. At least that’s what a lot of people say. If you’re one of those, then congratulations are in order – your wish is about to be realized, it seems. EA recently announced its roadmap for the expansions coming to The Sims 4 over the summer and heavily hinted at horses playing a central role in them.

One piece of promo material literally reads “take the reins” and features a scene that seems to stem right out of a Wild West movie. The roadmap promises two “bold kits” and a “rootin’ tootin’ expansion” to arrive between June and September 2023. I don’t really understand much when horse people talk to each other, but it sure sounds similar to all that.

If that’s not enough evidence for you to plan your galop into the sunset, then we can draw upon a recent leak reported by SimsCommunity, which is pretty detailed and contained information from a Steam page about the upcoming DLC, which is apparently called Horse Ranch.

Now, don’t be shocked, but one of the described features says that you’ll be able to raise your own horses, customize them, and ride them. You can even take part in competitions after you’ve trained your horse’s abilities. That’s not all, though: Your ranch comes with small goats and sheep to pet as well, which is just adorable. Collecting horse manure to fertilize your plants less so, but at least it has some sort of use, huh?

A planned The Sims 4 livestream on June 22, 2023, will likely reveal the expansion:

Anyway, that Steam leak pointed towards a July 20, 2023, release date for The Sims 4 Horse Ranch, so you may not even have to wait long until you can jump into the saddle.