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The actor behind the English-speaking version of Geralt in The Witcher video games has spoken up about Henry Cavill's decision to leave the Netflix show behind after season 3. 

Doug Cockle has played the video game version of Geralt since the series' debut in 2007, and Cavill himself, being a fan of the video games, leaned heavily into Cockle's portrayal of the White Wolf when he picked up his silver sword for the Netflix show. 

However, the Superman actor announced this year that he would be leaving after season 3, after which he will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth. 

There has been a lot of fan speculation about Cavill's reasons for leaving, with some believing it was down to scheduling conflicts and others believing it was creative differences. It seems like Cockle falls into the latter camp. 

"Henry hasn't said it himself yet but the chat says that he's leaving because he doesn't agree with the storylines the writers have been developing and, if that's the case, I completely understand that because Henry is such a huge fan of the games and the books," Cockle said, via Reddit.

"And the writers on the Netflix series have chosen for whatever reason to deviate quite severely from the books and the games. Whether that's good or not is down to what you like. I personally don't understand the choice. I think that's why Henry's leaving. Liam, more power to him. I do not envy him. Big shoes to fill."

Cavill had previously said that he would stay with the series as long as the writers stuck to the source material, and he had also mentioned in interviews that he would have liked to see Geralt's intellect be portrayed better on-screen. 

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