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Total War: Warhammer 3 Hotfix 4.1.2 patch notes: More Medusa love

Creative Assembly pushed out another chonky hotfix
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Developer Creative Assembly has released another sizable update for Total War: Warhammer 3. Hotfix 4.1.2 contains additional work on the Medusa, which was already a subject of the previous patch. This time, the unit’s missile attacks were improved by a reduced projectile collision radius and the addition of penetration – these missiles can now cut through up to three small targets. As a cherry on top, the Medusa got a whole new attack animation for her ranged missile attack.

In addition to these Medusa changes, the hotfix contains quite an impressive amount of other bug fixes. Highlights include Sarthorael the Ever-Watcher finally getting the combat stats of an Exalted Lord of Change and being able to use the Lore of Metal in a campaign, the Lore of Hashut passive effect working as intended, and some changes to skills for Yuan Bo, N’Kari, and Boris Ursus.

Total War: Warhammer 3 artwork of Yuan Bo with a Jade-colored Dragon in the background.

Yuan Bo is among the winners of this update.

You can find the full Total War: Warhammer 3. Hotfix 4.1.2 patch notes below.

Total War: Warhammer 3 Hotfix 4.1.2 patch notes

  • Medusa Missile Refactor; we weren't completely happy with the Medusa's performance following 4.1.1, so we've taken another crack at tightening up the play experience of the unit with the following changes:
    • Added a new missile animation where she rears up instead of leaning down to fire.
    • Reduced the collision radius of Medusa projectiles from 0.75 to 0.2 (shockwave size remains the same.)
    • Added penetration to the projectile (up to 3 small entities.)
  • Main Menu backgrounds now have the appropriate corresponding music.
  • Fixed the Vault of Nagash landmark building in the Black Pyramid of Nagash settlement not being available to the Vampire Coast.
  • Sarthorael the Ever-Watcher now uses the Lore of Metal in campaign.
  • Fixed Sarthorael the Ever-Watcher having the combat stats of a regular Lord of Change instead of an Exalted Lord of Change.
  • The achievements Man the Wall (capture all three Great Bastion gates), Celestial City Secured (capture Wei-Jin) and Reclaim Your Place (capture all three major Kislev cities) will now unlock in Immortal Empires as well as Realm of Chaos.
  • The Blood Brute Behemoth (Ghorgon) unit is now correctly tied to a rank requirement for the Daemon Prince faction.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lileath's Blessing stance icon was showing a very large tooltip on the pre-battle screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lileath, the Maiden technology had no usable effects for Drycha. Effects that are not valid for a faction are now hidden (as they were in WARHAMMER II) - which hides the Spellsinger capacity effect, and an additional effect that increases the minimum Winds of Magic power reserves an army can have has been added to the technology.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of available rites for Malekith and Morathi were being displayed as double the intended amount on the end turn dial.
  • Fixed an issue where magic items were being dropped in every battle, rather than with a random chance.
  • Dwarf Quarrellers no longer wield both their Melee and Missile weapon at the same time when performing certain animations in close combat.
  • Fixed an issue where dilemmas offering confederation with certain Bretonnia factions would be missing text explaining which faction would be confederated.
  • Fixed the Hammer into Anvil skill applying its effects twice to certain Warriors of Chaos units.
  • Fixed Repanse de Lyonesse not having the correct technologies in the Chivalry section of her technology tree (as she had in WARHAMMER II) and fixed a graphical glitch at the beginning of her technology tree that was meant to show a group around the Heraldry section.
  • Fixed a rare script breakage when the Upgrade Settlement Building mission was completed by upgrading an Ogre camp building.
  • Fixed a rare soft lock during the Formless Horror tutorial when skipping back and forth between sections.
  • Fixed Warriors of Chaos being able to construct Altar buildings in the Wei-Jin settlement in the Realm of Chaos campaign.
  • The technology Ferocious Plans now takes 1 turn to research for Clan Moulder, to bring them in line with the other Skaven factions.
  • Beastmen will no longer receive events that affect recruitment costs, as they grant no benefit to them.
  • Fixed Ogre Camps not increasing income from landmark Port buildings.
  • Task arrows for hidden allied AI armies are now also hidden.
  • Players will no longer receive multiple battle notifications for the same event, one after another. Building attacked messages should now stay visible until they are no longer relevant.
  • Fixed an instance where Ogre contracts would fail to be issued.
  • The Slave Pens building will now correctly reduce the cost of Diktats in the local province.
  • When using Slave Diktats, they will now be listed under "Diktats" rather than "Rites" in the Slaves tooltip breakdown.
  • Diktats now show the correct icons and descriptions in the province info panel when used.
  • Added a preview for the effects granted from certain dilemmas.
  • Fixed an issue where Flame Cannons would not fire if they had a rune applied to them pre-battle.
  • Fixed soft locks during the character rank up/skills tutorial when opening the objectives panel or when attacking an enemy.
  • The Lore of Hashut passive, Killing Fire, now applies its full damage as intended instead of only a single tick.
  • Fixed the Canopic Jars icon not displaying correctly in the Mortuary Cult panel.
  • Oxyotl's defeat trait will now correctly appear in the character details panel.
  • Yuan Bo's unique skill Celestial Administration will now also increase Dragon-Blooded Shugengan's recruit rank when replacing.
  • N'Kari will now start the campaign with the Harvester of Souls passive ability.
  • Boris Ursus's unique skill, Grand Builder, now correctly reduces the construction time of religious buildings.
  • Vilitch will now gain bonuses for high Winds of Magic if an army has more than 100 reserves.
  • Fixed the icon used by Snikch's From the Shadows skill/ability.
  • The Vampire Coast technology, Lord Two Toes Adley, is now correctly labeled as a Deep caster in the unit info panel.
  • Fixed the trait gained by being present in Vampiric corruption not applying replenishment to the entire army.
  • Fixed skills in magic lines for the Light Archmage and the Tzeentch Daemon Prince not requiring the correct amount of skills in the previous group.
  • Fixed male Cathay units not playing vocalizations when charging.
  • Fixed Thorek's defeat trait not increasing magic item drop chance.
  • Fixed the Bray Shaman Heroes not having the Many Limbed Fiend skills.
  • Fixed the Fire Mage on Sun Dragon missing the additional 10 missile resistance.
  • The Shadow Liche Priest on Skeletal Horse is now correctly labeled as a Shadow caster in the unit info panel.
  • Summoned Ancestral Warriors now have the Strider attribute.
  • Fixed the 8th Book of Nagash not further reducing construction costs via the Foster Terror commandment.
  • AI Tomb King factions can now recruit the Casket of Souls after performing the rite.
  • Handmaidens of the Everqueen now start with the Quicksilver Shot passive ability in campaign.

Sega Sammy’s CEO recently said that he wants Creative Assembly to refocus on Total War, which seems to be happening at the moment with how strong the update pace has been.