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Warzone 2, the new battle royale shooter from the Call of Duty series, is being review bombed on Steam due to a host of launch issues. 

One of the most prevalent issues is with the user experience in the menus. Inviting friends, squadding up, and even launching games is cumbersome and unreliable. 

This issue extends to other platforms as well, with players on Xbox and PlayStation struggling to squad up with their friends.

Other players are reporting crashes and other performance issues on top of the menu muddiness. 

"The real PVP in this game is navigating a neverending series of menus that are both useless and unintuitive," one Steam review says. "Paired with constant lag and desync issues and you've got a recipe for meh."

"This review required [a] restart to apply effect," says another. 

Of the 5,210 reviews at the time of writing, 3,219 are negative. 

Launch issues are to be expected in any multiplayer game, of course, but the problems with the menus will be more than a simple fix. 

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