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A Magic: The Gathering YouTuber and his wife have been left shaken after mistakenly receiving an upcoming and unreleased MtG set and getting a visit from the Pinkertons. The YouTuber, Oldschoolmtg, says he received the set seemingly by accident, before showing off the cards on his channel.

He claims to have put in an order for the most recent expansion for the game, called March of the Machine, but instead received a box from the upcoming March of the Machine: The Aftermath, which isn’t due to hit shelves until May 12.

Finding himself in a miraculous spot of good fortune, Oldschoolmtg filmed himself opening the cards, the first piece of unofficial content for the set to exist on the internet. Then Wizards of the Coast sent Pinkerton to his house.

For those who don’t know, Pinkerton is a private security firm with a long and very coloured history. Those who’ve played Red Dead Redemption and its sequel have probably heard of it, and while that’s a very fictionalized version of the firm’s earlier days, there’s always a little bit of truth behind the fiction.

The arrival of investigators from Pinkerton reportedly scared the YouTuber’s wife to tears, as the investigators, who Oldschoolmtg described as “big heavy-hitter guys,” said they were there to retrieve stolen goods, reportedly even bringing up possible jail time. He says they were understanding of the mix up, and didn’t believe he’d personally stolen anything.

That said, they still took back the cards, along with every piece of packaging, like empty boxes and wrappers. In good spirits, though, Oldschoolmtg says that despite the scare, his channel had doubled in viewership, and Wizards has reportedly offered compensation.

He was still required to take the video opening the packs down, though, and has warned others not to reuse the footage. The security firm gave him a number to talk directly with Wizards over the issue, who he claims were “very apologetic” and just wanted to “plug the hole.”

Wizards of the Coast confirmed to Polygon that the investigators sent to the YouTuber were part of its investigation. GLHF has contacted Wizards of the Coast for comment and will update this article if a response is received.