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WWE 2K23 has finally been revealed, and there’s a lot of good news for fans of the series this time around. WWE 2K22 reestablished the series as one fans could trust after the disaster of 2K20, and 2K23 will be holding the course steady. It’s not making any sweeping changes, but it is adding highly requested features, and expanding on some of the previous games' new content.

WWE 2K23 release date and new match type

Most surprising though is the fact that it is releasing in less than two months on March 17, 2023, with the deluxe edition granting you three days early access.

The biggest addition this year is the complex and chaotic WarGames match type. This mode sees two teams of either three or four battle it out across two rings, both surrounded by a steel cage. The match was the main attraction at last November’s Survivor Series show, so fans were begging for the match to be put in the game.

WWE 2K23 cover star revealed as John Cena

There was a lot of speculation surrounding the cover star this year, with suggestions like Bianca Belair, Drew McIntyre, or even The Undertaker being the star. However, in the end, John Cena was the man chosen to lead the game this year, with the showcase mode focusing on the highlights of his career.

While John Cena’s status as a media megastar certainly makes him the sensible choice to promote the game, there is a note of disappointment among fans. Aside from the fact Cena already starred on the cover of WWE 2K15, Cena wrestled just one match in 2022, and many were hoping for a current top star to get such a prestigious spot.

John Cena in WWE 2K23.

John Cena already starred on the WWE 2K15 cover.

Alongside Cena on the cover, the pre-order bonus will be Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, who wrestled a match at Wrestlemania 37 in 2021, and was in the Royal Rumble in 2022. He’s done a lot of promotional work with WWE over the past couple of years, so he’s a worthy inclusion for the roster.

On top of that, the “Icon Edition” of the game will feature retro versions of the legendary “class of ‘02”, featuring versions of John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, and Brock Lesnar from their time as rookies in OVW.

As for the staple modes, MyGM, MyFaction, and Universe modes are all seeing tweaks and expansions. MyGM will have more GMs, expanded match cards, more match types, and up to four-player multiplayer support. MyFaction will have new weekly modes and themed card packs, while Universe mode is getting a reworked story system. We’ll hear more about what this means in detail over the coming months.

Of course, the roster is the most important thing, so you can check out our WWE 2K23 roster reveal, for every superstar confirmed to be in the game so far.