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GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast: Episode 9 with Yahtzee and Frost is now live’s fedora with Yahtzee and Frost

Time flies, and it’s Monday again, so we’ve got another episode of GLHF’s Game & Fortune podcast, where we pit our team of game journos against some of the smartest gaming personalities in an epic battle of video game trivia.

This week, we’ve got not one but two guests, with Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw and Sebastian Ruiz, aka Frost, joining the podcast. Both known for their work at video games outlet The Escapist, Yahtzee and Frost are now doing their own thing at Second Wind.

At The Escapist, Yahtzee created and produced the video review series Zero Punctuation, which ran from 2007 to 2023. Before joining The Escapist, Frost has dabbled in a variety of gaming ventures, from being a voice actor to a Smite content creator.

Second Wind, the new home of the former team behind The Escapist is fully independent, entirely owned by the creators themselves and funded by their fans. You can check out the Second Wind YouTube channel and support the team on Patreon.

Under the new banner, you can find Yahztee doing his signature game reviews in a new show called Fully Ramblomatic, and check out Frost’s first impressions of new games and opinions on the gaming industry's hot topics in the Cold Take series.

In this week’s episode of GLHF’s Game & Fortune, we chat with Yahtzee and Frost about their newfound independence, what’s in store for the fans of Second Wind, and of course we pit them against our GLHF team in a quiz battle themed around soulslikes and games where you escape.

Podcast episode cover for GLHF Game & Fortune ep. 9 with Yahtzee and Frost

Yahtzee and Frost test their knowledge of soulslikes in this week's episode of Game & Fortune

GLHF’s Game & Fortune Podcast: Episode 9 –’s fedora with Yahtzee and Frost is now available on the following platforms: