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Games you missed out on in August 2023

While everyone played Baldur’s Gate 3, we had a few other games on our radars

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a big beefy boy, and I’m sure its parents are very, very proud. It is such a rotund cherub of a child that it has been swallowing up all of gamers’ free time this August, and that’s even before it’s released on consoles. If you’ve been on social media the past month, you’d think that Baldur’s Gate was the only thing that was released, but there were plenty of other bangers that we enjoyed this August.

Whether you want to build your own tarot deck, play Vampire Survivors with V-tubers, or simply have a nostalgic rush from revisiting the SNES era, August had a lot of amazing games for players of all tastes and sizes. Here’s seven games that aren’t Baldur’s Gate 3 that we played in August 2023.

Stray Gods video game screenshot showing a scene with dialogue options
Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood video game screenshot showing Fortuna
WrestleQuest screenshot of a fight
Holocure Save the Fans gameplay screenshot
Gameplay screenshot for video game Cantata
Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty screen
Sea of Stars screenshot showing the player's party walking on a tree bridge