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Revenant is changing forever in Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection

Revenant will feel unlike any character you’ve played before
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Revenant quickly became the most fearsome and threatening character in Apex Legends when he was introduced in Season 4. Rev was teased throughout Season 3, and when Season 4 was on the horizon, Respawn teased the “new legend” Forge, only to have Revenant murder him during a “live interview.”

It’s all a little bit silly looking back, but it set the tone: Revenant is a literal murder machine – an android body with a formerly human, and eternally vengeful, mind. But he’s lost relevance over time, and now Revenant is rarely considered when forming the ideal Apex squad – especially now that Seer has a “Silence” ability that’s more effective than Rev’s old grenade.

Revenant wielding a Charge Rifle in Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection

Season 18: Resurrection is changing all of that, and Revenant is – for all intents and purposes – an all-new Legend. Called Revenant Resurrection, this gives Revenant an all-new base skin (though all unique skins you’ve collected are still compatible), as well as a totally new suite of tools to use in battle.

Assassin’s Instinct kicks things off. This new Passive ability still includes his crouch movement speed and wall climb buffs, but now the Assassin’s Instinct ability is key in finishing off foes. Rev will have enemies low on health marked in red – through smoke and other visual obstacles as long as they’re in your line of sight and in range – so you’ll know exactly which foes to target first. Even better, if Revenant can bring them down to low health himself, they’ll get marked for other party members.

The new Tactical ability is called Shadow Pounce, and this does exactly what it sounds like. This is a huge leap forward which can be charged for extra distance – you’ll be using it to ascend buildings quickly, or launch towards foes to force a close-range engagement, which is ideal if you’re a fan of shotguns. We’re told the distance is similar to an Octane jump pad. This, combined with Assassin’s Instinct, creates an incredibly offensive moveset – and we haven’t even got onto the new Ultimate ability yet.

Rev’s new Ultimate is a shield called Forged Shadows. Once activated, Revenant’s hitbox will increase in size, making him easier to hit, but the shadows will absorb that damage, a bit like Gibraltar’s gunshield, but much more effective. As a bonus, Rev will also have his Shadow Pounce ability recharged fully when he gets kills during Forged Shadows, meaning the best way to play is with all-out aggression.

Revenant execution close-up from Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection

Seer recently got Revenant’s old Silence ability, and people have been anticipating a Revenant rework ever since, but they probably weren’t expecting this kind of overhaul. Make no mistake, Revenant really seems like a brand new Legend, and the in-universe lore explanation makes for one of the most exciting story developments in quite some time, built up with playable, limited-time story sections within the game itself.

There might not be an entirely new Legend for you to add to your roster in Apex Legends Season 18, but Revenant will still feel unlike any character you’ve played before. To get the full lowdown on what to expect, read through our breakdown of everything new coming to Apex Legends Season 18: Resurrection.