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Everything new coming to Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection

We’re breaking down all you need to know about Apex Legends Season 18
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A brand new season of Apex Legends is on the horizon, and Apex Legends Season 18 is coming with a bunch of new stuff for all players to try out while fighting it out in the battle royale, or even the smaller objective-based games that are included in this season. If you want a good chance of winning, you should know what you’re in store for ahead of time.

In this guide we’re breaking down everything you need to know about Apex Legends Season 18. There’s no new playable Legend this season, but Revenant is undergoing a major rework, called Revenant Resurrection, and that’s on top of the usual map changes and balance adjustments you might expect. Scroll down below for everything you need before dropping into Apex Legends Season 18.