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NBA 2K24’s WNBA goes all-in on career mode

A bigger, better WNBA experience

Visual Concepts is upping their game for NBA 2K24’s WNBA league, with more career options, deeper context, and some new rewards. Producer Felicia Steenhouse told GLHF during a roundtable press conference that the goal for this year’s sports game is immersing players fully into the league experience.

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Part of that experience is a new career path option, Undiscovered Gem. These players are talented and start with an 85 OVR rating, but never get drafted. You return from overseas after a few years for a fresh start – and no awareness in the media or from other teams.

Prospect is the traditional approach, where you start as a talented college player, get drafted with a 75 OVR rating, and start with your buzz meter at 4. Buzz meters measure how much, well, buzz there is about your player – on social media, in the news, even the number of deals you have.

WNBA star Sabrina Ionescu, a white woman with brown hair in a ponytail, is depicted against a green and purple background, wearing a New York #20 jersey

One of NBA 2K24’s biggest changes is the Pursuit of Greatness feature, which Steenhouse says is the ultimate positional battle for your player with some new narrative context for your journey. Say you’re playing as a point guard for the Wings. Your Pursuit of Greatness rival could be Courtney Vandersloot. Posters on social media will comment on how you’re stacking up, pointing out major victories or losses, and you’ll even get texts from teammates about how well you’re doing.

If you end up outperforming your rival, you’ll get a unique historical sleeve that boosts your attributes, along with the satisfaction of being better than the best, at least for a while.

The WNBA badge game is similar to NBA 2K24’s badge system. You’ll get off-day options as your career progresses, chances to play games outside the WNBA – against your teammates, for example, the team your rival belongs to, and even historical players. Each match category has a unique badge. If you win a second time, you level up the perk, and if you win the season, you can get all three perks leveled up to the maximum.

Finally on the online front, NBA 2K24’s WNBA features new MyTeam jersey and shoe cards for more customization, and you can even wear your historical sleeves in the city.

NBA 2K24 launches on Sep. 8, 2023, for PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Meanwhile, check out the top 10 early NBA 2K24 ratings to see how your favorite stacks up.