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Being the underdog between the two, AEW likes to poke fun at WWE at times. That didn’t stop the developers of AEW Fight Forever from putting a lot of easter eggs into the new wrestling title, which reference some of WWE’s most iconic athletes in the form of their signature moves and stage entrances.

While AEW Fight Forever doesn’t go through the full entrance sequence you know and love from TV, the game always shows an incoming character posing at the top of the ramp, which is just the right point to sneak in a couple of fun references. There are quite a lot of those, so you may well be able to find some on top of our own discoveries.

Here are all WWE entrances in AEW Fight Forever we’ve found so far.

All secret WWE entrances in AEW Fight Forever

WWE WrestlerName of Entrance Motion in AEW Fight Forever


Generic Male 10

John Cena (2010)

Generic Male 18


Generic Male 22

Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Generic Male 27


Generic Male 34

Ric Flair

Generic Male 46


Generic Male 47

Rob Van Dam

Generic Male 49

AJ Styles

Generic Male 59

Finn Balor (Demon)

Generic Male 60


Generic Male 61

Roman Reigns

Generic Male 62

The Undertaker

Generic Male 63

Rey Mysterio

Generic Male 64

Shinsuke Nakamura

Generic Male 65


Generic Male 71


Generic Male 72

John Morrison

Generic Male 73

Andrade "Cien" Almas

Generic Male 74

Aleister Black

Generic Male 75

Trish Stratus

Generic Female 14

Iyo Sky

Generic Female 19

Make sure to unlock Cody Rhodes and Aubrey Edwards in AEW Fight Forever to gain access to all playable characters.