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WWE and AEW officially like to pretend that the other one doesn’t exist while still firing plenty of shots at each other, but video games offer a bit more freedom in this regard. WWE 2K23 offers many signature moves used by athletes signed under AEW, and now AEW Fight Forever returns the favor, enabling players to bring familiar finishers from WWE’s stars to the ring.

You can select these signature moves and finishers for your custom characters in AEW Fight Forever after unlocking them, if you want to pay homage to one of WWE’s wrestling icons.

Here are all WWE signature moves in AEW Fight Forever.

All WWE finishers in AEW Fight Forever

Signature MoveFinisher Name in AEW Fight Forever

AJ Styles’ Calf Crusher

Calf Slicer

AJ Styles’ Styles Clash


Bayley’s Bayley-to-Belly


Bobby Lashley’s Dominator


Brock Lesnar’s F5


Drew McIntyre’s Claymore

Running Single Leg Dropkick

Finn Balor’s Coup de Grace

Diving Foot Stomp

Finn Balor’s 1916

Bloody Sunday

John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment

Fireman Carry Bomb 3

John Cena’s STF


Kevin Owens’ Pop-Up Powerbomb

Pop-Up Powerbomb

Kurt Angle’s Angle Slam

Olympic Slam

Randy Orton’s RKO

Cutter 3

Sami Zayn’s Helluva Kick

Running Yakuza Kick

Shinsuke Nakamura’s Kinshasa

Running Knee Strike 1

The OC’s Magic Killer

Magic Killer

The Rock’s Rock Bottom

Uranage 2

Tommaso CIampa’s Fairytale Ending

Arms Trapped Facebuster

Triple H’s Pedigree

Butterfly Facebuster

Make sure to unlock Cody Rhodes and Aubrey Edwards in AEW Fight Forever to gain access to all playable characters from the game’s roster, and check out all hidden WWE entrance poses in the title as well.