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Alan Wake 2 DLC roadmap: all upcoming expansions

Here’s what Remedy has planned for next year
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Unnerving survival horror thriller Alan Wake 2 is here and players are already enjoying Remedy’s newest nightmare experience. While the game has just launched for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, fans are curious about the future as well. There is good news on that front: Aside from the usual array of post-launch updates, which will bring a NG+ mode to Alan Wake 2 and add photo mode, the developer already has plans for DLC.

That’s right, players can already look forward to additional nightmare fuel coming their way. Here are all upcoming Alan Wake 2 expansions that have been announced so far.

Alan wake 2 writers room

Yeah, Alan, more nightmares await you in the future. Sorry, mate.

Alan Wake 2 DLC: all expansions

Remedy has announced two expansions ahead of Alan Wake 2’s launch, which can either be purchased separately down the line or immediately as part of the Alan Wake 2 Deluxe Edition. This Deluxe Edition contains the Expansion Pass, which includes both DLCs.

Night Springs – 2024

Night Springs will allow players to control several familiar characters from the Alan Wake setting. They’ll experience mysterious and unexplainable events inside multiple, self-contained episodes of a fictional TV show called Night Springs. If you thought Alan Wake 2 got very meta a couple of times, it sounds like you’ll get more of that with this expansion, which should launch some time in 2024.

The Lake House – 2024

A secret government organization, a lonely research facility, and ambitious scientists – naturally, something goes wrong with that combination of factors being involved. Players will explore the Lake House in this expansion in two separate adventures as the realities of Alan Wake and Saga Anderson once again collide.

That’s it for all announced Alan Wake 2 expansions at this point. If you’re just starting out with the author’s nerve-wracking journey, you should check out our Alan Wake 2 PC settings guide as well as our Alan Wake 2 quality vs. performance mode guide to get the best visual experience.